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Cloud Security

Transform The Way You Think About Cloud Security. Minimize Cloud Risk.

Cloud services are an integral part of digital transformation, helping organizations reduce costs and improve collaboration while making optimal use of resources through scalability and efficiency. Cloud environments can contain sensitive information and data that must be protected by appropriate security controls and policies.

Cloud Security Engineering Services can help you:

  • Manage cloud security risks.
  • Achieve compliance and remediate security vulnerabilities.
  • Enhance threat detection and management capabilities.
  • Protect your data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Enable security in DevOps.
  • Minimize cloud security costs by standardizing security practices and architectures and automating guardrails.

Secure Use of Cloud Services for Enterprises | Meeting Cloud Security Challenges.

Our cloud optimization service correctly selects and allocates the right resources for your business applications. Our goal is to achieve maximum business efficiency by accurately adjusting workload performance, compliance and cost of optimization for the most appropriate infrastructure in real time. Properly use your digital presence to create the next generation of customer experiences with the help of a professional company.

Infrastructure modernization

Automation with cloud apps

Workload routing

Cloud cost optimization

Continuous optimization

Versatile Security Services to Protect Your Cloud Journey

Dantos Technologies helps organizations improve their cloud security posture by increasing visibility into cloud operations and protecting data stored and processed in cloud environments. Our services reduce complexity, risk, and cost while maintaining speed and agility for faster results.

Other service benefits include:

  • Effective incident management with SIEM services and operations.
  • Active threat detection with injury and attack simulation.
  • Attack prevention and quarantine with endpoint detection and response ML. Enhanced response and automation with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR).
  • A threat-aware security operations center for effective threat intelligence management.
  • Big data analytics to detect anomalies.


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